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  • Euro 2016 exposes kids to alcohol ‘every 72 seconds’

Euro 2016 exposes kids to alcohol ‘every 72 seconds’

Euro 2016 exposes kids to alcohol ‘every 72 seconds’

Source: The Spirits Business

June 28th

According to the charity, TV broadcasts of the England vs. Wales match showed pitch-side alcohol advertisements of sponsor Carlsberg 392 times – an average of 78.4 per game, or once every 72 seconds.

At least nine million people watched the game, with an estimated 14% thought to be under the age of 18. However, Alcohol Concern said this figure could be higher as the game was broadcast in a number of schools.

“The volume of alcohol marketing in sport, especially in football, which is popular with children and younger people, is enormous,” said Tom Smith, director of campaigns at Alcohol Concern. “We already know from our previous research that half of children associate leading beers with football.

“Alcohol marketing drives consumption, particularly in under-18s and sport should be something which inspires active participation and good health, not more drinking.

“We need to protect the younger generation, which is why the government needs to implement the phased removal of alcohol marketing from sport, as it has done with tobacco.”

Alcohol Concern also claimed that in order to retain advertising in countries such as France, where alcohol advertising of sports and on television is banned, Carlsberg replaced its brand name on pitch-side adverts with one of its well-known slogans in the Carlsberg font.

Earlier this month, lobby group Eurocare called for the sponsorship of alcohol brands in Formula 1 to be banned following an estimated US$150m deal with Heineken.

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