GA: Savannah City Council approves amendment to alcohol ordinance

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GA: Savannah City Council approves amendment to alcohol ordinance



By Tesia Reed, Reporter

August 18, 2016

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) – Lots of items on the Savannah City Council agenda Thursday, including a change to the way alcohol is served in the city.


The council approved an amendment to the law that’s already on the books. The change means different license options, allowing different venues like salons to serve alcohol to their customers but they will have to have a certain permission to do this.


So for example, a bridal shop would be able to serve champagne to soon-to-be brides trying on dresses or caterers will be able to serve alcohol at different functions.


It’s just a difference in the way alcohol is served.


One major difference is that this will also allow a venue that already serves alcohol to open its doors to minors, but not sell them alcohol of course, when there is some sort of performance or live music.


“One of those license options is if you have a live music venue and also serve alcohol you can’t just decide one night I’m going to let these people in, you have to have a license that allows you to do this. But if you have the additional license in addition to your alcohol license, you have the additional license for the live music for the underage then you will be allowed to let them in,” said Alderman Bill Durrence.


Alderman Durrence also tells WTOC these establishments will have to have an approved plan with the police department. This will help regulate the laws and prevent underage drinking.