2020 Issue Briefs now available!

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2020 Issue Briefs now available!

Source: Public Action Management

September 1, 2020

This is a package of seventeen briefs that address common issues about alcohol regulation. It is designed for community leaders, elected officials and other policy-makers who need a short, straightforward explanation of a given issue. For each brief, research citations are given where they exist. The Appendix lists resources for further information about a given issue as well as the sources for quotations and facts cited. The “Issue Briefs” have been regularly published by Public Action Management as part of the Campaign for a Healthy Alcohol Marketplace. The 2020 version of this publication was revised to include updated research and other information.

The “Briefs” may be accessed from the Campaign for a Healthy Alcohol Marketplace website: https://healthyalcoholmarket.com/reports/

This link will take you directly to the publication: 2020 Issue Briefs. http://healthyalcoholmarket.com/pdf/2020_ISSUE_BRIEFS_7-2020.pdf

Each brief has a distinct number and is designed to stand alone. Please feel free to download, copy or send them to anyone who might benefit. You do not need the author’s permission unless you want to change something. You may contact the author, Pamela S. Erickson, and she will attempt to accommodate your needs. She can be reached by email at pam@pamaction.com.