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  • Who is Dr. Mark Willingham?

Who is Dr. Willingham?

Maj. Mark Willingham, PhD served with the Florida Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco for twenty-eight years and provided beverage licensing, regulatory, and law enforcement services as a Law Enforcement Commander.

In addition to serving as the Division’s Chief Financial Officer and Chief Training Officer, he served as Florida’s Responsible Vendor Program Administrator, Florida’s Youth and Alcohol Program administrator, and as a State Hearing Officer.

In addition to holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminology and a Master’s degree in Public and Business Administration, Maj. Mark Willingham earned his PhD in Business Administration with a specialization in Business, Corporate, and School Security focused on responsible alcohol sales practices and bar and restaurant security. Dr. Willingham holds the designation of Certified Public Manager. He is a graduate of the FBI National Academy and served as the 2005 FBI National Academy Associates’ International President. He received the Fulbright Fellowship in Police Studies to the United Kingdom where he conducted research on youth access prevention, regulation of the alcoholic beverage industry, and control of abusive drinking.

Dr. Willingham’s underage alcohol access prevention and responsible retailing efforts have resulted in his recognition as a national expert. His work has influenced public policy, generated awareness on substantive issues, and has provided the basis for management and program decisions on the National and State levels. Dr. Willingham was the Co-Director of a national research project leading to the creation of a Federal Government guidance document titled: Best Practices in Responsible Retailing. He has authored four books and over fifty articles in state and national law enforcement journals on leadership, management, and alcohol related issues. Major Willingham is a national speaker on alcohol related risk, mitigation and responsible retailing issues.

Dr. Willingham serves as a litigation consultant and expert witness in alcohol related death and injury cases. He specializes in Dram Shop cases, underage sales and alcoholic beverage premises liability matters and has consulted on or been engaged in over 500 dram shop and related lawsuits.

Maj. Mark Willingham, PhD and Alcohol Solutions LLC provide litigation support, expert witness services, and forensic consulting in alcohol related injury and death (Dram Shop) lawsuits involving alcohol beverage service, sale, and consumption.

Dr. Willingham focuses on events arising in bars, restaurants, hotels, cruise ships, resorts, fraternal lodges, social host, business parties, and fraternities. Dr. Willingham regulated, policed, licensed, and assisted the alcoholic beverage industry for 30 years as a State Police Commander and has provided consultation to cities, states, universities, communities and the alcoholic beverage industry throughout the country. Dr. Willingham is widely recognized as one of the preeminent experts in responsible alcohol retailing focusing on reasonable standards of care and appropriate alcohol service policies, practices, training, and management systems. Dr. Willingham has provided expert witness services in Dram Shop lawsuits for almost 15 years providing testimony at deposition and trial throughout the country.