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Who is Dr. Willingham?

In private practice, Maj. Mark Willingham, Ph.D. serves as a Litigation Consultant and Responsible Alcohol Retailing Consultant in alcohol related death and injury lawsuits and in the furtherance of responsible alcohol retailing practices in businesses and social situations. Dr. Willingham serves as a Standard of Care Expert in matters pertaining to the sale, distribution, or consumption of beverage alcohol, business security matters, and other aspects of the provision and consumption of alcohol and operation of businesses licensed to provide alcohol beverage or other places where alcohol is consumed.

Dr, Mark Willingham’s background, education, and experience positions him as a national Dram Shop and Alcoholic Beverage Premises Liability expert qualified to assist the Court and Jury understand factors and elements relating to the sale, distribution, and consumption of beverage alcohol, understand the implications of evidence and testimony in such matters, and understand causation of alcohol-related harms.

Responsible Retailing of alcohol involves a combination of effective training, alcohol service policies and practices, and continual and effective management involvement. Dr. Willingham has extensive experience working with alcoholic beverage retailers, state and local regulators, and other stakeholders.