Dram Shop Expert

Litigation Support and Expert Witness Services
Dr. Mark Willingham, Ph.D. provides consulting services and Court testimony on the details of and the principals of responsible alcohol retailing, responsible alcohol consulting, and business security matters as a standard of care expert. Dr. Willingham provides non-case specific testimony on the concept, principals, and necessary actions that constitute responsible alcohol retailing and compliance with legal requirements. His testimony is intended to assist the Jury form opinions about business’ practices to determine compliance with reasonable standards of care and obligations under law and harm causation.

Dr. Willingham provides Dram Shop case consultation and provides resources, including proposed discovery requests, proposed deposition and interrogatory questions, recommended training materials, and management practices so to guide trial attorneys in building a corpus of fact witness testimony and materials that lay out the proof elements the jury needs to hear to render a verdict in Dram Shop, premises security, and other litigation maters relating to alcoholic beverage sales and consumption in bars, restaurants, clubs, convenience stores, grocery stores, fraternities, cruise ships, and other locations where alcoholic beverage sire sold and/or consumed. Dr. Willingham has retired from reviewing case materials and the formation and defense of opinions concerning the actions, inactions, or mal actions of the beverage retailer and has shifted to helping attorneys determine and present fact witnesses to help the Jury can form its own opinions about the instant situation. Dr. Willingham policed the alcoholic beverage industry for 30 years and is a national expert in responsible alcohol retailing and consumption including alcohol-related harms.

Dr. Willingham Provides business consulting in the safe and lawful service or sale of alcoholic beverages including the development, implementation , and compliance monitoring reasonable and effective policies, practices, training, and management actions.
Who is Dr. Willingham?

In private practice, Maj. Mark Willingham, Ph.D. serves as a Litigation Consultant and Responsible Alcohol Retailing Consultant in alcohol related death and injury lawsuits and in the furtherance of responsible alcohol retailing practices in businesses and social situations. Dr. Willingham serves as a Standard of Care Expert in matters pertaining to the sale, distribution, or consumption of beverage alcohol, business security matters, and other aspects of the provision and consumption of alcohol and operation of businesses licensed to provide alcohol beverage or other places where alcohol is consumed.

Dr, Mark Willingham’s background, education, and experience positions him as a national Dram Shop and Alcoholic Beverage Premises Liability expert qualified to assist the Court and Jury understand factors and elements relating to the sale, distribution, and consumption of beverage alcohol, understand the implications of evidence and testimony in such matters, and understand causation of alcohol-related harms.

Responsible Retailing of alcohol involves a combination of effective training, alcohol service policies and practices, and continual and effective management involvement. Dr. Willingham has extensive experience working with alcoholic beverage retailers, state and local regulators, and other stakeholders.