4 year old gets drunk after being served alcohol at Detroit restaurant

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4 year old gets drunk after being served alcohol at Detroit restaurant


Source: MLive

Edward Pevos

September 29, 2015


A 4 year old girl from Southfield had to be taken to a hospital after someone at a restaurant in Detroit accidentally served her alcohol.


WDIV Local 4 reports, it happened Sunday night at Armando’s on Detroit’s West Side.


The girl ordered a non-alcoholic strawberry daiquiri, but the mother realized the drink actually had alcohol in it. She says her daughter got drunk from the beverage. The mother took video of her daughter who said she felt funny, so she took her to a hospital.


How it happened:


WDIV reports two drinks which looked the same were ordered by two different tables. They got mixed up. One of the drinks had alcohol in it and the other didn’t. The one with alcohol went to the 4 year old girl. The drink mix-up was seen on video.


A urine sample at the hospital showed no alcohol in the girl’s system a few hours later.


“Although it was an isolated incident, Armando’s will take immediate action to ensure our staff receives retraining in alcohol service through the servsafe alcohol program,” the restaurant’s general manager said in a statement.


The mother said the restaurant offered to call 9-1-1, but she refused. She did file a police report.


You can watch the full WDIV report here.