Alcoholic cocktail ice lollipops available in UK

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Alcoholic cocktail ice lollipops available in UK


Source: The Spirits Business

by Melita Kiely

17th June, 2016


Two entrepreneurs have unveiled a line of alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktail ice lollipops, called Poptails.


Founded by entrepreneurial friends Laura Faeh and Cécilia Thomas, Poptails by Lapp features four alcoholic cocktail ice lollipops, including Gin Fizz made with gin, kiwi, apple and cucumber; Bellini, made with Prosecco and white peaches; Mojito Fraise, made with rum, strawberries and mint; and Spritz, made with Aperol, melon and orange.


The range also includes a non-alcohol variant called Berry, which is made using raspberries, strawberries and watermelon.


Each alcoholic Poptail has an abv of between 3-8%, and are currently available in 80ml sticks. A 110ml stick will launch later this summer.


“With most of our friends working within the creative industry, getting our brand identity right has been both the easiest and most exciting part of the project,” said a spokesperson for the brand.


“We love to describe Lapp as a collaborative brand where all the range of crafts should be involved.”


Poptails can be purchased at Netil 360 and Trufflesecco.