Bar staff shouldn’t serve drunk patrons, say alcohol importers

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Bar staff shouldn’t serve drunk patrons, say alcohol importers


Times of Malta

June 20, 2016

MALTA – A new code of practice for outlets selling alcoholic beverages has put the onus on bars and bar staff to ensure their clients drink responsibly.


The guidelines published by The Sense Group, an organisation made up of producers and importers of alcoholic beverages, encourage responsible drinking by those over the legal drinking age.


They call for no alcohol to be served to known alcoholics, and for serving staff to be be educated about negative behaviour related to alcoholism.


Staff should also be aware of legal drink-driving limits, the guidelines state, and shouldn’t serve alcohol to people they suspect are over the limit.


If staff believe a person to be over the limit and intending on driving, they should help them find alternative transportation.


Bar staff should manage anti-social or violent clients with safe removal from premises, the guidelines state.


The guidelines also have a word of warning for bartenders with a penchant for fire: serving flaming shots or cocktails, the guidelines warn, might cause accidents or burns.


Sense Group director-general Ray Grech said the guidelines were “based on the principle that all members of society need to be socially responsible for the common welfare.


“Our role is to educate the public and those in the alcoholic drinks industry on the use and misuse of alcohol while discouraging irresponsible drinking,” he said.


Tourism Minister Edward Zammit Lewis welcomed the new code of conduct as a “step in the right direction”. “The fact that it hails from producers and importers of alcoholic beverages should be further commended and is a reflection of responsible behaviour and a form of self-regulation.”


Dr Zammit Lewis also said there would be more enforcement in the coming months, with Malta Tourism Authority’s enforcement section having been beefed up. But he also warned that a balance had to be struck, as over-regulation could drive tourists away.


Read the guidelines in full here.