Better than Botox! How giving up alcohol is the fountain of youth

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Better than Botox! How giving up alcohol is the fountain of youth


Liquor is quicker when it comes to premature aging – giving up alcohol will restore your skin, health and energy sooner than you realize.


Source: New York Daily News

Annie Grace

May 29, 2016


Science has unearthed the fountain of youth. It’s an anti-aging serum unlike any other. Amazingly it doesn’t cost a thing. It’s achieved by simply giving up one thing: alcohol.


How is giving up alcohol the fountain of youth? It will restore your skin, your health and your energy!


Alcohol dehydrates


Alcohol is a diuretic. It rids the body of fluid. That includes sucking all of the moisture out of your skin. Dehydrated skin looks tight, dull and shows signs of premature aging – like wrinkles.


Basically, drinking alcohol leaves you with the skin texture and look of a crocodile. Not that attractive. It’s also dangerous as dehydrated skin lacks the protective barrier designed to protect us from the elements – the sun, pollutants and other environmental factors.


Without that barrier you’re more susceptible to sunburns, skin cancer and skin irritations. Laying on the beach sipping a frozen daiquiri might sound appealing, but it’s wreaking havoc on your skin and health. You’ll look and feel better sipping on a water with a twist of lime instead.


Alcohol causes inflammation


Alcohol inflames tissues everywhere in the body, including the skin. Inflamed skin causes a histamine reaction. The redness and flushing of the skin that comes with drinking can actually become a permanent problem.


Before you know it you’re walking around looking like you let a preschooler go rogue on you with the blusher.


In addition to inflammation of the skin, alcohol is also causing inflammation of all of your internal tissue and organs. That can lead to increased body and joint pain, liver problems, heart conditions and even cancer.


Alcohol is a hepatotoxin


Hepatotoxins specifically damage the liver. The liver is designed to detoxify the body by cleaning toxins and wastes from your blood. The liver also activates and regulates important hormones. A liver that isn’t functioning well leads to fatigue, jaundice and trouble maintaining body temperature and other issues.


A poorly functioning liver wreaks havoc on the skin and appearance. A person will appear sallow, their skin pasty or yellowed, and they can be cold and clammy.


While zombies are all the rage now, resembling one because you’re shutting your liver down just isn’t a trend you want to set.


Alcohol disrupts sleep


Alcohol is a known and proven sleep disrupter. Drinking alcohol prevents you from falling into deep, restorative REM sleep. Sleep deprivation leads to sallow skin, fine lines and wrinkles, along with dark circles under the eyes.


Sleep loss adds up and in turn your body releases more cortisol – the stress hormone. Cortisol breaks down collagen in the skin. Collagen is responsible for keeping skin smooth and elastic. Without it your skin no longer has the ability to bounce back and appear firm.


A lack of sleep can also lead to depression, weight gain and trouble focusing. Not to mention the lack of energy! Fight the turkey neck, get your zzzz’s and go for a run instead with all that energy you have from getting your eight hours in!


Giving up alcohol can improve your health and appearance much sooner than you realize. Within two weeks of giving up alcohol you’ll notice better hydrated skin and an end to dandruff, eczema and acne.


You’ll also be sleeping better and waking feeling well rested. Your digestion and liver function improve – which also benefits the appearance of the skin and your overall energy level.


After just two weeks you stop resembling and feeling like “The Walking Dead.” Within two months all body functions have improved, weight loss usually begins and energy levels are fully restored.


Basically, you’re back in fighting form. Imagine that all this can be accomplished not by purchasing a magic elixir that promises the fountain of youth, but by simply giving up one thing that certainly isn’t doing you any favors.