Majority of people admit alcohol makes them lose control

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Majority of people admit alcohol makes them lose control


The Irish Examiner

By Kelly O’Brien, Reporter

September 1, 2015

Most people admit to “losing control” while under the influence of alcohol, yet say they still drink up to five times a week, according to research from Junior Chamber International (JCI) Cork.

The survey reveals 53% of respondents said they have lost control because of drink, while 54% of respondents said they consume alcohol up to five times a week.

Some 49% said they “sometimes” or “often” use alcohol to alleviate stress and identified money, work, and relationship problems as main factors in causing this stress.

The survey of 157 people in Cork also asked what age they had their first drink of alcohol, with 44% admitting it was before the age of 15. Some 65% had their first drink by the age of 16.

In a bid to change how people think about alcohol and highlight the impact it can have on mental health, members of JCI Cork plan to hold a ‘Sober Night Out’ this Saturday and a mindfulness walk on Sunday.

“We want to show people that they don’t need to drink to have a great night out,” said JCI member Stephen Spillane. “It’s a very serious topic but there’s a very fun solution to it.”

JCI’s Sober Night Out takes place on Saturday, September 5, at 9pm in The Courtyard of the Flying Enterprise. The mindfulness walk takes place on Sunday, September 6, at 12pm in Fitzgerald’s Park.