New Brighton bar disables phone use

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New Brighton bar disables phone use

July 25th

Visitors to The Gin Tub, which opened on Saturday on the site of former Seventy6 bar, will have to find another way to flick through their social media feeds.

Inside the bar, a Faraday cage has been installed, a copper screen which blocks mobile phone signals.

Instead traditional phones take centre stage, with each table having its own retro telephone to allow thirsty drinkers to order drinks from their tables.

Tables can also call one another – on the condition that they buy their neighbours drinks.

Business partners Steve Tyler and Scot Callister yearned for a return to a time when people would talk to one another at bars.

According to The Argus Tyler said: “Mobile phones have killed pubs. I hate seeing a whole group of people sitting there on their phones. Rather than telling people they can’t use they phones we’ve basically disabled them.

“I was in a cocktail bar and I found myself waiting, and waiting, and waiting – so much that I eventually just decided to leave. Making cocktails just takes so long.”

The bar on Church Road in Hove will offer 50 different varieties of gin, as well as cocktails and craft bottled beers.

Visitors can also enjoy a gin and tonic flight which can be mixed and matched with different food platters.

The style of the bar nods back to a bygone era, with quirky British references.

A whole host of events including gin-making and music nights are in the pipeline, to show Brighton a different kind of night out.

Londoners can order their food via WhatsApp with the world’s ‘first’ emoji-only menu.