Pennsylvania firefighters discover massive underage party amid coronavirus lockdown

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Pennsylvania firefighters discover massive underage party amid coronavirus lockdown


Danielle Wallace

April 5, 2020

Firefighters responding to a call about a man being assaulted in the woods in rural Pennsylvania discovered about 100 young people partying in violation of the state’s coronavirus stay-at-home order.

Members of the Grindstone Volunteer Fire Department found the hidden party around 5 a.m. Saturday in Fayette County. Chief Rich Lenk said the all-night bender involved some underage drinking.

About 100 people were at the gathering when authorities arrived, but Lenk said he believes the group was even larger hours earlier when the festivities kicked off around midnight.

“Some were passed out in vehicles laying on top of one another. Some were still upright still going strong,” the department said in a Facebook post.

“Please, if anyone has children, do not let them go to these parties in this area. Especially now in this time we are to stay 6 feet away from each other.”

Lenk said his team had to use nearly all of the 10 masks allocated to his department from the county in one night, KDKA in Pittsburgh reported.

Pennsylvania is the eighth-most infected state in the country, with at least 10,507 confirmed cases and more than 136 deaths as of Sunday morning, according to Johns Hopkins University.

“We don’t have that much equipment to wear, and we have to put it on and come back in here,” Lenk said. “It’s happening every weekend, and it’s getting a little too much for us every weekend.”

Pennsylvania State Police were also called in to help break up the gathering.

Firefighters said they located the unidentified young man who had been assaulted and transported him to a local hospital. No other information about his condition was immediately released.