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  • Power of Parents targets millennial parents with bite-sized approach

Power of Parents targets millennial parents with bite-sized approach

Power of Parents targets millennial parents with bite-sized approach



August 3, 2016

We have so many lessons to impart to our children.


Eat your vegetables. Keep your hands to yourself. Treat others as you wish to be treated.


And, most importantly, be safe. Please, above all, be safe, we tell them without always providing the necessary, actionable information to do so, especially when it comes to alcohol.


Telling them to be safe just isn’t enough then.


Talking to your child about not drinking until 21 years of age becomes even more difficult thanks to a culture complacent about drunk driving, advertising that targets teens, and peer pressure.


That’s why MADD developed its Power of Parents® program, which aims to put the information and strategies that work to prevent underage drinking directly in a parent’s hand.


When we started the program, we had quite a lot to say.


MADD’s Power of Parents handbooks provide you the tools needed to start talking with your teens and middle schoolers about this important topic. By reading these handbooks and following their guidelines, you can substantially reduce the chance your son or daughter will drink before the age of 21.


While the information and tactics remain valid, we understand the handbooks take a little time to plow through and may cover more topics than a parent needs at that moment.


That’s why we are proud to share the creation of customized, bite-sized topical guides, each focused on a specific topic related to preventing underage drinking. Sponsored by the National Alcohol Beverage Control Association, the guides will serve as quick reads that deliver a punch of just-the-right information and strategies.


The first topical guide, Your Teen’s World, will publish this summer. It will still include the insightful and highly useful data gathered by Dr. Robert Turrisi, whose groundbreaking research on teens and alcohol consumption continues to shatter drinking myths.


Next, this fall, we will share Parenting Styles, an in-depth examination of various parenting styles and the impact it has on whether a child drinks underage or not.


Talking About Alcohol will publish sometime near the winter holidays. This guide will provide you with real, concrete tools to talk with your teen in a manner that gets through to them!


These shorter, more focused guides will make it possible for parents to receive just the information needed for specific topic at hands.


We look forward to sharing our new guides with you. Find out more about our Power of Parents here.