Student died after ‘drinking 30 shots of vodka’ and stumbling into river (Excerpt)

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Student died after ‘drinking 30 shots of vodka’ and stumbling into river (Excerpt)



Jimmy Nsubuga

6 Jul 2016


A student drank the ‘equivalent of 30 shots of vodka’ at a club before stumbling down a steep embankment and falling into water where she died, an inquest heard.


Caroline ‘Carrie’ Everest, 18, was found in a river following a night out at Corporation, in Sheffield, with the coroner concluding alcohol and hypothermia played a part in her death.


She had consumed five pints of a drink called ‘Purple’ (each one includes three shots of vodka).


A post-mortem found she had 252 microgrammes of alcohol in 100ml of blood and coroner Christopher Dorries said if she had really drunk that amount then she probably consumed 30 shots of vodka in total.


Forensic Pathologist Dr Naomi Carter told Sheffield Coroner’s Court: ‘She had taken in a very high or extreme amount of alcohol for someone of her size and average drinker.’


She left the club alone at around 2.40am on November 22.


Ms Everest’s final images on CCTV showed her walking alone towards the direction of where her body was found, before the cameras caught a silhouette of her knelt on a wall.


Carrie’s family paid tribute


In a statement, they said: ‘Carrie was a warm, friendly and energetic young lady. Unfortunately her life was ended far too soon. She had so many plans for the future – her course at Sheffield Hallam University and her love for dancing at City Limits.


‘It is sad that a night out with friends should end so tragically – a series of unfortunate events.


‘Carrie is constantly in our thoughts and is missed by everyone.


‘It was an absolute joy and pleasure to have had her in our lives – and we will never ever forget her bewitching smile.’


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