Switzerland:  Binge drinking increases among Swiss youngsters

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Switzerland:  Binge drinking increases among Swiss youngsters

Swiss Info

November 25, 2019

The share of people who got drunk at least once a month has increased over the past decade, but overall alcohol consumption in Switzerland remains stable, a health survey has revealed. 

New figures show that over 80% of the population drink alcohol, while the percentage of abstainers rose slightly over the past 25 years, according to a survey by the Federal Statistics Office.

In 2017, 68% of Swiss men and 49% of women said they drank alcohol at least once a week.

The percentage of people consuming alcohol every day fell from 20% in 1992 to 11% in 2017.

However, binge drinking – at least once a month – rose between 2007-2017, up from 11% to 16%. It appears to be most popular among male teenagers and young adults aged 15-24. About 30% of men admit to binge drinking, compared to 24% of women – up from 12% over the past decade.

Men generally prefer beer and spirits, while wine is popular among men and women. The young generation buy alcopops – flavoured drinks with relatively low alcohol levels – and the over 75 age groups enjoys a glass of wine.

The figures, published on Monday, are based on the Swiss health survey.

Health experts earlier this year called for tightening legal restrictions for the purchase of addictive substances.