Switzerland: Sale of alcohol to Swiss underage drinkers rises

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Switzerland: Sale of alcohol to Swiss underage drinkers rises


Source: The Spirits Business

by Annie Hayes

15th July, 2015


Young people are finding it easier to get hold of alcohol in Switzerland, according to new figures release by the Swiss Alcohol Board.


Last year, underage volunteers were sold spirits, beer, or wine in a third of test purchases – up from a quarter in the same assessment in 2013.


More than 5000 test purchases were carried out, with a higher number undertaken in the evening, a change which saw the success rate double from 26.7% during the day to 54.2%.


During the day, the subjects were asked for ID four times out of five, whereas in the evening, fewer than half were.


The board also found that some establishments enforce the law more than others: in petrol stations only a sixth of test buyers were successful, whereas in restaurants, 44% were served alcohol.


The board plans to increase awareness and training among sales staff following the results.


Earlier this year, two stores in New York were slapped with a US$17,500 fine after being caught selling alcohol to underage customers.