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  • TABC: Alcohol retailers near colleges meeting standards

TABC: Alcohol retailers near colleges meeting standards

TABC: Alcohol retailers near colleges meeting standards

More than 1,300 stores checked; 128 not compliant

The Monitor

By Lorenzo Zazueta

October 3, 2016

The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission said Monday stores around the state were meeting compliance standards with regard to the selling of alcohol to minors.

As part of a statewide operation that coincided with the return of students to universities and colleges across the state, the TABC released findings Monday that showed a 90 percent compliance rate statewide, according to a news release.

The findings are a result of a weeklong series of “stings” executed by TABC agents in more than 1,300 alcohol retailers in the state that are located near major colleges and universities, the release states.

Of the 1,337 retailers checked during the stings, a total of 128 were issued administrative violations for selling alcohol to a minor, according to the news release.

“Overall, we’re pleased with the results of this year’s operation, which shows that the majority of retailers are taking their responsibilities seriously,” TABC Director of Field Operations Chief Robert Saenz said. “Even so, we’re committed to working with our retailers to provide training and support in order to help them recognize the dangers of selling alcohol to minors.”

In the San Antonio/South Texas region, TABC officials checked 344 off-premise locations and found that 30 sales had been made. TABC officials also checked 85 on-premise locations and found that 13 sales had been made, according to the release.

TABC officials said businesses cited for selling alcohol to anyone under 21 years of age could face possible administrative action such as fines or a suspension of their license or permit — employees caught selling alcohol to minors could face misdemeanor charges.