Temple University officials crackdown on partying

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Temple University officials crackdown on partying


FOX 29

April 6, 2016

PHILADELPHIA (WTXF) – Temple University officials say they are cracking down on partying.

Cornell Vinny doesn’t have to look at a calendar to know it’s the weekend. He just listens out his back door.

“They hanging on roofs. They out in the street and when they go inside all the beer cans and beer bottle are outside,’ he told FOX 29.

Vinny live just a couple blocks off of Temple University’s campus. He and many others who live nearby say weekends at Temple have become like a big frat party.

Trash, loud music until all hours of the night and public urination are just some of the complaints from local residents.

It’s just the reasons why Temple University is laying down new ground rules.

“These houses are having parties every single weekend, with hundreds of students, very loud noise and destructive behavior,” said Temple University Dean of Students Stephanie Ives.

Ives tells us by phone some of the new rules of student conduct, including, off campus renters could be fined up to $1,500 dollars for housing nuisance parties or giving alcohol to minors. Students could also face expulsion. Teams of graduate students will be patrolling off campus housing on weekends looking for violators. The hope is to turn perceptions around.

“That would tell me students are understanding the impact of their behavior and not feeling entitled to act as they please as if there’s were no consequences,” said Ives.

However, many students we spoke with say problems aren’t that bad.

“It’s a university and this happens at every campus. So it’s just part of it,” said one student.

The university’s relationship with the community is a priority right now since Temple has plans to build a 35,000 seat stadium here on campus. The new policy and patrols will go into effect Thursday night.