The First Beer Pipeline Has Opened in Belgium

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The First Beer Pipeline Has Opened in Belgium


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By Ellie Storck

September 20, 2016

This city takes its brews seriously.


The city of Bruges, in Belgium, has taken its love for beer to the next level.


De Halve Maan, or “The Half Moon,” one of the fastest developing breweries in the country, has been generating so much traffic from transporting beer that it has created a pipeline to run beer underground to its bottling plant so that no vehicles are necessary.


The brewery has been creating Belgian beer in its original town center location for 500 years, according to CNN Money.


Not only did the pipeline set a record for crowdsourcing in Belgium—the campaign raised over 300,000 euros of the four million euros needed for construction—but it runs two miles long and lies 111 feet below the ground at the deepest point.


In one hour, enough beer to fill 12,000 bottles flows through the pipeline. The beer is kept in tiptop shape thanks to the pipeline’s smart technology.


The supporters who invested to get the idea off the ground (or into the ground, rather) get free beer for life, reported FOX News. Ready to book your trip to Belgium?