United Kingdom: One in seven drink more alcohol than water

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United Kingdom: One in seven drink more alcohol than water


Source: The Spirits Business

by Annie Hayes

7th August, 2015


A new study has revealed that on average one in seven adults in the UK choose to drink alcohol over water.


The research was conducted by home carbonation product maker SodaStream, which surveyed 1,000 adults in the UK on their typical water intake.


The results found that 15% of the people surveyed admit they drink more alcohol than water – equivalent to one in seven.


In addition, less than one in four adults regularly drink the government-recommended two litres of water, and 52% choose to have a tea or coffee instead – with 30% saying they need caffeine more than water.


Despite this, figures from a separate study undertaken earlier this year found alcohol consumption in the UK has declined by 18% compared to 10 years ago, hitting a 23-year low overall.


Additional research has prompted critics of current alcohol intake guidelines to label them a “poor fit” with the UK’s binge drinking habits, with Brits largely disregarding daily intake suggestions as most people in the UK do not drink every day, but do drink heavily at weekends.