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10 unexpected places where you can now order booze

10 unexpected places where you can now order booze


Source: Business Insider

Mallory Schlossberg

Sep. 7, 2015


“Would you like a beer with that?”


Many retailers and fast food places are beginning to incorporate booze into their mixes. For fast food restaurants, this is often to help attract a late-night crowd.


You probably already know that you can order a margarita with your burrito bowl at Chipotle, but there are other places where you can sip on a glass of wine while eating fast food – or even taking care of daily tasks.


A lot of these places are very unsuspecting.


Not all of these stores have secured their liquor licenses yet, but consuming beer while shopping very well might become the next big thing.




Target recently disclosed that a forthcoming Chicago unit was applying for two liquor licenses – one was a “Packaged Goods” license and one was a “Consumption on Premises” license, according to USA Today. Chicago locals might be able to sit down and have a beer when shopping for furniture gets too exhausting.


Some hair and beauty salons


Beauty Bar – with several locations across the United States – has made the “manicure and martini happy hour” famous.  The Blind Barber also serves up a free drink with every service – it’s also a speakeasy. Other salons occasionally serve up beers with their haircuts, too.




When Starbucks announced that locations would be adding wine and beer to an “Evenings” menu, some people probably couldn’t wait to request a venti pinot noir. Turns out Starbucks doesn’t serve venti wine glasses, but the new nighttime menu isn’t bad at all.


Taco Bell


Imagine a beer with that.


In June, a Taco Bell in Chicago announced it would begin serving wine and beer on premises. Nothing makes a chalupa go down smoother than a glass of sauvignon blanc.


Whole Foods


Whole Foods has a craft beer bar called On Tap in its Columbus Circle location in New York City. It certainly makes food shopping a more enjoyable experience when you know there’s a craft brew waiting for you at the end (or in the middle of) your journey.


Tommy Bahama


Tommy Bahama has a restaurant and bar inside of its flagship store as well as in other locations across the United States. While this doesn’t grant you permission to take beach-themed cocktails with you while you’re shopping, it certainly can give you a break from the tropical retail experience.




There are many restaurants in various Nordstrom locations to offer shoppers opportunities to unwind, chow down, and relax. Some of these restaurants come equipped with wine, beer, and cocktail menus – and then there’s Habitant, Nordstrom’s cocktail bar, in Bellevue, Washington. And it’s not what you’d expect for a cocktail bar in a department store – Habitant has 4.5 stars on Yelp.




A ShopRite in Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania, opened a “beer garden” complete with a craft beer selection with the help of Brown’s Chef Markets last year, reported Levittown Now. However, according to Levittown Now’s photos, beer can only be consumed in the indoor beer garden – which, judging by photos, seems more like a regular cafe with a beer selection than a traditional biergarten. Earlier this year, ShopRite opened another in-store “beer garden” in a Bensalem, Pennsylvania store.




You already knew Wegmans had a beer fridge, but some Wegmans have pubs, too.


What can’t Wegmans do? The massive grocery store has several pubs in Pennsylvania, as well as a new unit in Virginia. The new location takes it up another notch, and even has plans to have live music, according to the Washington Post.


These pubs come complete with bar food, wine, craft beer, and cocktails. You can even make reservations on OpenTable.


Burger King


Burger King put the “bar” in Whopper Bar. Burger King has been selling beer for a few years now, as an attempt to lure late-night customers.


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