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  • 50 Cent Used His Cat to Promote His Vodka and People Are P—–

50 Cent Used His Cat to Promote His Vodka and People Are P—–

50 Cent Used His Cat to Promote His Vodka and People Are P—–


Source: Munchies

By Wyatt Marshall

December 4, 2015


High art would have you believe that dogs are a bunch of cigar-smoking, poker-playing lushes. At a house party in your younger, misguided years, you may have witnessed someone pour a beer into a dog’s bowl and watched the dog cluelessly lap it up and sheepishly stumble around a bit. And while the term “boozehound” would suggest that dogs are big drinkers, hooch is actually bad for your animal counterpart, and there are plenty of people on the Internet who will tell you about it. 50 Cent found that out the hard way when he posted a video to Instagram of his cat appearing to drink vodka.


50 Cent is a spokesman for Effen Vodka, the vodka that comes with an insulating polymer sleeve on the bottle to denote extra class and make you feel special for dropping a (tiny) premium on its lifeless contents. His Instagram account is essentially a string of photos shamelessly pushing Effen, and he’s gone to incredible lengths to pump the brand. He’s incorporated Effen into his beef with other rappers, and has created a #VodkaWar with Puff Daddy’s Cîroc, who, not kidding, has a crew that goes by “Cîroc Boyz.” The escalating feud led to the unthinkable and unforgivable when French Montana posted an Instagram video in which he heartlessly dumped a half dozen or so bottles of Effen straight into the trash, saying, “This is how I feel about your bullshit.”


Anyway, 50 Cent posted a video in which his cat drinks a clear liquid from a frosted martini glass, with a bottle of Effen placed in the background.


“I got a dog named Oprah and a cat named Gayle.LMAO #EFFENVODKA#FRIGO #SMSAUDIO its Water,”  he wrote in the accompanying caption.


The reaction was swift and often fierce.


“Does this count as animal abuse?” asked one Instagrammer.


“why is there I cant drinking effen but im not?” wrote @hippyjuice_.


50 Cent did have his defenders. “Mufukas so stupid, if it was alcohol in the glass the cat wouldn’t even drink it, I hate stupid people,” @yo_dats_gee lamented.


Drinking alcohol can have a number of hazardous side effects for domestic pets like cats and dogs. Your dog or cat might seem like a rough and tumble little dude, but pets are lightweights when it comes to booze. Because their digestive systems are different than that of humans, even a little alcohol can lead to poisoning or drunken behavior.


“The primary reasons we don’t want pets drinking alcohol is that their bodies aren’t adjusted to it,” says Dr. Steve Hansen, a veterinary toxicologist and the director of the ASPCA Animal Poison Center in Urbana, Illinois. “And if they overindulge, they may lose balance and fall from a counter or down stairs.”


And, given their size, a little bit of alcohol can do a lot of damage to a pet. What might create a light buzz in a human could be deadly for your cat. And though the Japanese have produced “wine for cats,” don’t let your little furball near your decanter. The grapes in wine can lead to diarrhea and vomiting in cats, and possible kidney damage in dogs. They’ll be in for a “ruff” time!


Speaking of rough times, it hasn’t been easy for 50 Cent. He’s well-known for being shot nine times prior to his fame, and he recently had to declare bankruptcy. He’s apparently doing better, though, as the same day he declared bankruptcy he was seen “throw(ing) money around a strip club” and has lately been storing stacks of money in his oven. He’s always been big in the beverage game, and famously scored a huge payday after investing early in Vitamin Water, pushing his net worth toward a half billion. Somehow, that wealth has disappeared.


His undying commitment to Effen, however, is still going strong, though if he wants to keep PETA away, he may want to keep his cat away from the bottle. And it’s worth remembering that, as with most things, if you want to see a drunk cat, that’s what YouTube is for.