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Alcohol Awareness Toolkit: #ProofIsInTheNumbers

Alcohol Awareness Toolkit: #ProofIsInTheNumbers

Prevention Technology Transfer Center Network
April 1, 2022


April is National Alcohol Awareness Month. To raise awareness about alcohol-related harms and the importance of alcohol policy safeguards, we have launched the Alcohol Awareness Toolkit: #ProofIsInTheNumbers.

The Alcohol Awareness Toolkit seeks to do the following during the month of April:

  • Raise awareness about alcohol-related harms and the importance of strong alcohol policies using memes, and
  • Encourage engagement from prevention and public health stakeholders to strategically educate and inform decision makers about effective alcohol policies by providing easy-to-personalize, templated opinion editorials, letters to legislators and proclamations.

The Northwest PTTC is excited to bring these resources to communities in Region 10 and throughout the rest of the PTTC Network. We encourage our prevention partners to use the materials to raise awareness around the weekly themes to observe April as National Alcohol Awareness Month.

2022 Weekly Themes

Week 1: Harms to Others/Impaired Driving/Violence (April 1-3)

Week 2: Increases in Alcohol-Related Emergency Room Visits (April 4-10)

Week 3: Alcohol’s Role in The Opioid Epidemic (April 11-17)

Week 4: Alcohol and Cancer (April 18-24)

Who Should Use the Toolkit?

There is something for everyone in the toolkit. Whether you plan to post the memes for the weekly themes or want to engage partners in submitting an opinion editorial about the importance of strong alcohol policy safeguards, or both, the toolkit is here to help you. From local coalitions to state public health departments and prevention coordinators, these materials have been designed with you in mind.

How to Access the Tools

Start by deploying the Alcohol Awareness Toolkit memes to enhance your social media presence. There are at least two for each weekly theme. You can access the memes through Canva, a free online platform where links to each meme template can be downloaded and customized with your own logo! You will be prompted to create a user account if you do not have one.

Complement your online social media messages with the engagement materials to raise awareness about alcohol-related harms, your efforts, and evidence-based alcohol policy safeguards. By using the templated materials, you will expand your reach beyond social media.

Access toolkit materials through the following links:

Download the Social Media MaterialsDownload the Engagement Materials

Download the Regulatory Guidance DocumentDownload the Policy Analysis Worksheet

Technical Assistance on Using the Toolkit Materials

Within HHS Region 10

The Northwest PTTC has technical assistance consultants waiting to help if you want technical assistance on tailoring the toolkit materials to meet your needs. If you are located within HHS Region 10: Alaska, Idaho, Oregon and Washington, please follow the link below to request technical assistance. You will then be contacted by Northwest PTTC Coordinator Michelle Frye-Spray (mfryespray@casat.org) to set up a consultation.