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Alcohol-related ‘air rage’ incidents rise 40%

Alcohol-related ‘air rage’ incidents rise 40%


Source: The Spirits Business

by Annie Hayes

9th July, 2015


More than 270 incidents of disruptive “alcohol-fuelled” behaviour have occurred on flights since 2014, figures released by the Civil Aviation Authority have revealed.


The data, which was obtained from a Freedom of Information request by The Sun, revealed that a rise in “floozing” – flying and boozing – is to blame for the surge in such incidents.


Cabin crews reported 81 more brawls, bomb threats, physical assaults and criminal damage caused by “unruly passengers” than in the previous year.


Phil Ward, managing director of Jet2.com, told the publication: “It’s the sort of groups that are heading abroad for a celebration and it’s just booze, booze, booze. They arrive at 5.30am with a beer already in their hand.


“They want to get lashed. We have a problem with people bringing bottles of alcohol on board that they’ve bought in Duty Free. Passengers need to realise that an aeroplane is not a nightclub. You can’t just step out for some fresh air.”


As a result, four UK airlines are calling for industry-wide measures to combat the rise – including official lists of banned passengers, and more responsibility from airport bars.


Earlier this year, Budget airline Ryanair banned the consumption of duty free alcohol on flights from Glasgow to Ibiza due to disruption caused by “unruly” passengers, while last year, a charity called for all alcohol to be banned on Australian airlines, following a spate of violent incidents mid-air.