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Alcohol voted ‘worst’ Christmas gift

Alcohol voted ‘worst’ Christmas gift


Source: The Spirits Business

by Annie Hayes

23rd December, 2015


The results of a recent poll by review and research organisation Consumer Reports have revealed alcohol is considered the “worst” gift to receive at Christmas.


In total, 20% listed alcohol as the gift they would least want to receive.


The Consumer Reports National Research Center designed a survey to explore “general sentiment and shopping behaviours” for the 2015 winter holiday season.


Out of the 1,300 US residents polled – statistically weighted so that respondents in the survey were demographically and geographically representative of the US population – spirits such as vodka, rum and whisky received the highest number of votes for ‘worst gift’, with 20% listing booze as the gift they would least want to receive.


Flowers came in next at 14%, anything ‘clearly re-gifted’ came in at 12%, while home decor items such as picture frames and candles received 11% of the votes.


Lottery tickets received 10% of the votes, with 5% identified gift cards as the worst gift.


In total 80% said they’d prefer to receive a ‘practical present’, and when given a choice between money and a gift card, 57% chose cash.