Australia: Teenagers are using TikTok to buy booze while underage

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Australia: Teenagers are using TikTok to buy booze while underage
Teenagers have started using a new way to try and buy alcohol when underage, rather than just waiting out the front of a bottle shop.
By Mitchell Van Homrigh
February 14, 2022

Tech-savvy teenagers are reportedly using TikTok to buy alcohol while underage.

The Herald Sun first reported the phenomenon with the viral video sharing platform replacing waiting out the front of the bottle shop.

Australian teenagers have taken to TikTok to find bottle shops which do not ask for identification.

In Victoria, the on-the-spot fine is $2181 while licensees can be fined up to $19,343.

While in NSW, there is on-the-spot penalty of $1100 for anyone caught supplying alcohol to minors.

Further punishment can be an $11,000 fine of 12 months in jail.

TikTok does not allow videos related to underage alcohol consumption and if discovered they are taken down but clever teens have gotten around this by using different phrases and spelling.

Tim Watt, whose company Gibber delivers alcohol awareness classes in schools told the Herald Sun underage drinking can damage teenagers’ education and development.

“The average Victorian teenager has their first drink at 17, so we have to improve on that. So we’re working with people as young as 13 to 1,” he said.