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Australia: Will shots be BANNED on New Year’s Eve?

Australia: Will shots be BANNED on New Year’s Eve? Drastic plans could see bars and pubs stop serving straight alcohol to curb violence (Excerpt)


    Restricting drinks at venues is part of the voluntary measures for Victoria

    Liquor regulator has urged bars and pubs to limit drinks on New Year’s Eve

    Ban on shots and drinks to be in plastic cups has also been recommended

    Regulator warned inspectors would be out catching rogue clubs and pubs


Source: Daily Mail

By Emily Crane for Daily Mail Australia

8 December 2015


Shots on New Year’s Eve could be banned at pubs and clubs in a bid to curb violence under a recommendation put forward by liquor regulators.


Restricting drinks, including no shots or double shots, and limiting the number of drinks per person are among the voluntary measures bars have been asked to implement in Victoria for New Year’s Eve celebrations.


The Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation has warned liquor licensees there would be inspectors out in force to catch out those serving drinks to drunk people and those who are under age.


Replacing glasses with plastic cups and promoting free and easily accessible drinking water are also recommended to reduce violence.


‘Victoria boasts a vibrant hospitality and tourism industry, with events such as New Year’s Eve bringing many people out to celebrate. However, with such festive events comes a higher level of patron, staff and community risk,’ a spokesman from the regulator said.


‘VCGLR inspectors will be conducting inspections over this period to ensure venues are not serving minors, intoxicated people, or operating outside of any liquor licence conditions.’


Inspectors will be checking to ensure patrons are over 18, they are not supplying alcohol to drunk people and providing free drinking water and non-alcoholic drinks.


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