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‘Designated Skipper’ Campaign Launches Nationwide

‘Designated Skipper’ Campaign Launches Nationwide


The Outdoor Wire

May 20, 2015

Southold, N.Y. – The Sea Tow Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting boater safety, is proud to announce the launch of its Designated Skipper campaign across the U.S. The goal of this important new program, which is supported by a grant from the Sport Fish Restoration & Boating Trust Fund as administered by the U.S. Coast Guard, is to help eliminate boating under the influence (BUI) and alcohol-related accidents on the water while keeping boating fun for everyone. BUI is against the law in all states. While always safer for all passengers on a boat to remain sober, should individuals choose to drink alcoholic beverages while boating, the Sea Tow Foundation’s Designated Skipper campaign and the Coast Guard encourage boaters to be or designate a skipper to stay sober and operate the boat every time they leave the dock.


It takes less than five minutes to join the Designated Skipper campaign. All a boater needs to do is visit the DesignatedSkipper.com website and “Take the Pledge” to:


  • Respect the legal drinking age.
  • Be responsible for my vessel and all my passengers.
  • Be or designate a sober skipper.


“We don’t want to tell boaters not to have fun out on the water. We just want to encourage them to pick a designated skipper for their boat who will stay sober, do the driving, and make sure everybody gets home safely – the same thing they would if they were heading out for a night of fun in their car,” said Kristen Frohnhoefer, vice president of the Sea Tow Foundation Board of Directors. “Our program is designed to complement the U.S. Coast Guard’s enforcement efforts on the water by promoting BUI awareness and voluntary prevention by boaters.”


Prevent BUI + Keep Boating Fun = Designated Skipper


The Sea Tow Foundation’s Designated Skipper campaign incorporates a major nationwide marketing campaign that includes social media, print advertising, digital advertising, email marketing, video and audio public service announcements (PSAs), as well as free pamphlets, stickers, posters, wristbands and other cool giveaways placed in areas where boaters will see and pick them up. These eye-catching marketing materials will be available in marinas, fuel docks, ship’s supply stores, and on life jacket loaner stands. Bars and restaurants frequented by boaters will be given free coasters, wristbands and stickers with the Designated Skipper message on them. In addition, Sea Tow Captains across the U.S. are mounting grassroots efforts to spread the word about Designated Skipper to their local Sea Tow members and other boaters in the region.


In addition to grant funding, the Designated Skipper campaign relies on strategic partnerships between the Sea Tow Foundation and other organizations in and associated with the marine industry. Organizations and companies that want to help promote the Sea Tow Foundation’s Designated Skipper campaign may visit DesignatedSkipper.com to order free campaign materials and giveaways that they can distribute to the boaters in their area.


About the Sea Tow Foundation


In 2007, Sea Tow Founder Capt. Joe Frohnhoefer created the Sea Tow Foundation – a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization – to promote safe boating practices. The Foundation’s goal is to reduce accidents, fatalities and property damage related to recreational boating. For more information, please visit boatingsafety.com.


About Sea Tow


Sea Tow Services International Inc. is the nation’s leading on-water assistance provider for boaters. Established in 1983 by Founder Capt. Joe Frohnhoefer, Sea Tow serves members inland to the coast throughout the United States, Europe, U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. For a full list of membership benefits, how to become a Sea Tow member or to inquire about becoming a Sea Tow franchise owner, please visit seatow.com. Sea Tow also offers free boating safety information including the Sea Tow App for smartphones, Sea Tow’s Automated Radio Check Service, and the nonprofit Sea Tow Foundation’s Life Jacket Loaner Station program. For more information, visit seatow.com and boatingsafety.com.


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