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  • Drug and alcohol groups slam ‘hangover cure’ home doctor service

Drug and alcohol groups slam ‘hangover cure’ home doctor service

Drug and alcohol groups slam ‘hangover cure’ home doctor service


Source: 9NEWS

October 10, 2015


A newly trialled home treatment service for hangovers has drawn outrage from some quarters of the Sydney medical community.


Drug and alcohol groups have slammed a new service that sends doctors to people’s homes to provide them with hangover cures, including IV drips and vitamin infusions.


The Hangover Clinic, which will be trialled in Sydney next month, promises to offer a quick fix to the lousy feelings that come after a big session drinking alcohol.


“People need this service to make the most of their weekends and recover after a big night out,” Max Petro, from the clinic, said.


The service’s most basic package costs $140, and the company said their services includes an IV drip, headache and nausea tablets and vitamin infusions.


However, drug and alcohol groups have said the service is unethical and simply encourages young people to drink irresponsibly.


“I think this is unethical, I think it’s totally unnecessary,” John Rogerson, from the Australian Drug Foundation, said.


“Encouraging people to drink alcohol at these sorts of levels, they think they can get over the short term consequences of drinking too much.”


Another medical professional said the service offered nothing more than a short-term solution.


“I don’t think the quick fix approach is very helpful at all, and we would expect more from the medical profession,” Larry Pierce, from the Network of Alcohol and Drug Agencies, said.


If the trial in Sydney is successful, the company plans to expand nationally.