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Government invents car with built-in breathalyser

Government invents car with built-in breathalyser


Source: The Spirits Business

by Annie Hayes

5th June, 2015


A test vehicle that breathalyses drivers before its ignition can start has been built by the US Transportation Department.


Some members of Congress are already fans of the “DADDS” – Driver Alcohol Detection System – feature that has been installed in the car, which checks the driver’s blood alcohol level in their breath and skin before the car will start.


“We can keep drunk drivers off the road,” New Mexico’s Senator Tom Udall told KFor,”it’s not impossible and we can get it done.”


A final version of the DADDS system is expected to be finalised in a few more years.


After that, if the concept is reliable, Congress will decide if all cars have to install the system as standard safety equipment.


In May this year, Students in India created a helmet that breathalyses motorcyclists before they are allowed to start the engine of their bikes.