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  • Kathie Durbin Voted Incoming Chair-Elect To NABCA Board

Kathie Durbin Voted Incoming Chair-Elect To NABCA Board

Kathie Durbin Voted Incoming Chair-Elect To NABCA Board

News Release
NABCA & Montgomery County Alcohol Beverage Services
March 28, 2024

Kathie Durbin ARLINGTON, VA (March 28, 2024)—Kathie Durbin, director Montgomery County Alcohol Beverage Services (ABS), was voted incoming chair-elect to the NABCA Board of Directors. She will assume her responsibilities in May 2024, when current Chair-Elect Becky Schlauch, administrator, Montana Department of Revenue, Alcoholic Beverage Control Division, becomes NABCA Chairwoman of the Board.

“Kathie’s breadth and wealth of experience in beverage alcohol spans public health to business development,” said Neal Insley, NABCA president and CEO. “These are two important aspects of a control system that our board and their agencies manage regularly as they help the hospitality businesses in their communities thrive by communicating proper safeguards, regulation and policy for selling beverage alcohol,” he added. “Kathie’s first-hand knowledge of this is invaluable as she brings this to her leadership role on the board,” he said.

Durbin joined the NABCA Board in 2020/2021, after being named Director of ABS. She has served as chair on several NABCA committees including Internal Affairs, Public Affairs, Regulatory Advisory and Retail Advisory committees. She has served as a member on the Brokers Advisory, Finance, Governance, Industry Relations, Pension Plan Trustees, and Public Health Advisory committees.

She joined the Montgomery County Alcohol Beverage Services (formerly Department of Liquor Control) in 2002 as a community outreach manager. In 2005, she accepted the position as the Division Chief of Licensure, Regulation and Education supervising alcohol licensure, policy, education, legislative initiatives and compliance. The ABS, in addition to its regulatory role, serves as the wholesaler of beer, wine and spirits in the county and operates 27 retail beer, wine and spirits stores.

Early in her career, she played a major role developing the certified alcohol beverage server training for the Restaurant Association of Maryland Hospitality. Later, as the Executive Director of the Montgomery County Restaurant Association, she worked closely with the business community.

She collaborated with local agencies and the executive board to craft meaningful alcohol legislation to benefit small business. Later, as a state certified alcohol prevention specialist, she worked for the Montgomery County Health and Human Services where she managed state grants, mini-grants and the county substance abuse prevention network.

For years, Durbin has played key leadership roles with the Maryland Alcohol License Association, Responsible Hospitality Institute and the Responsible Retailing Forum. She was recognized in 2016 by the National Alcohol Licensing Professional Association (NALCP) for Innovation and Leadership and again in 2017 by the Center for Alcohol Policy (CAP) as Regulator of the Year. She is considered an expert in the field of alcohol regulation, education and policy. She is a graduate of the University of Maryland, Baltimore County with a concentration in social work/psychology.

“I am honored to take on this role in such a venerable organization,” said Kathie Durbin, director of Montgomery County Alcohol Beverage Services. “Together, NABCA and its member control jurisdictions make communities better by providing a framework that protects public health and safety while also supporting the many components of the alcohol industry. These partnerships fostered by NABCA represent top-notch collaboration among a wide range of stakeholders, and our residents benefit from them.” Click the respective links for information about NABCA, and the Montgomery County ABS.


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