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London’s first alcohol delivery app launches

London’s first alcohol delivery app launches


Source: The Spirits Business

by Melita Kiely

18th November, 2015


London’s first on demand alcohol delivery service has launched via the Apple AppStore, promising to supply late night orders at local shop prices in just 20 minutes.


Bevy has been designed to deliver “impulse goods”, including alcohol, tobacco and snacks, between 8pm and 6am every Thursday, Friday and Saturday.


“London comes to life at night, which is unfortunately when most shops close,” said Kevin Kovar, Bevy CEO. “Bevy is our answer to having popular late night convenience goods delivered at the tap of an app, and at the same price as your local store.”


Bevy has teamed up with a multitude of 24-hour retailers across the Big Smoke, with a £5 flat rate on all orders.


The app is already active in several London boroughs, and plans to cover more ground determined by sign-ups on the Bevy website.


“We’re launched an alcohol giveaway to help get the word out about Bevy, but also define where the highest demand is for our service in London and the UK,” added Kovar.


“We have more than a dozen retail partners and double that number in Bevy Butlers to fulfil demand across London and we’re soon rolling out the service around the clock, in time for the holiday season when the city really comes to life.”


Furthermore, to celebrate the app’s launch Bevy is offering users the chance to “unlock” alcohol rewards, depending on the number of referrals who sign up on the website.


Bevy has partnered with alcohol brands including Snow Queen Vodka and Babicka.


“Our mission is to make sure you always have quick and affordable access to your favourite alcohol and convenience goods, whenever you want them,” concluded Kovar.


“Whether you’ve run out of wine at dinner, find yourself empty handed at a party, or just want ice cream delivered to your couch, Bevy has you covered.”


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