Maine: Maine to lower many liquor prices starting Feb. 1

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Maine: Maine to lower many liquor prices starting Feb. 1


Source: WCSH 6

January 5, 2016


According to the Portland Press Herald, if you need to replenish your post-holiday bar, wait until Feb. 1 to restock.


That’s when many new prices take effect at state liquor stores, lowering the cost of a 1.75-liter bottle of Tanqueray by $2 but raising the cost of a 1-liter bottle of Grey Goose vodka by $1. As for Maine’s most popular liquor – Allen’s Coffee Brandy – the price for a 1.75-liter bottle will remain the same, the newspaper reports.


The Press Herald reports that a majority of liquor varieties and sizes will not change. Of the 3,299 products sold in Maine, the prices of 2,044 will remain the same, 666 will decrease and 589 will increase.


Theresa Nessel, assistant manager and liquor buyer at Maine Beer & Beverage Co. in Portland, tells the Press Herald the store is ready to make the wide-ranging price changes in February. She said state officials have been helpful in preparing retailers and answering their questions.


It remains to be seen whether Maine’s decision to change its pricing structure will benefit consumers and retailers in the long run, Nessel said.


“It could be a good thing for the state,” she said. “Time will tell whether it will be beneficial or not.”