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  • ME: Local law enforcement agencies receive ARIDE training

ME: Local law enforcement agencies receive ARIDE training

ME: Local law enforcement agencies receive ARIDE training

FOX 22
Written by Cierra Jordan
June 2, 2022

HOLDEN — Law enforcement agencies across the state are participating in a two-day training course related to detecting and removing impaired drivers from behind the wheel.

Maine sees an average of 50 drug or alcohol impaired driving fatalities per year, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Local law enforcement agencies are receiving advanced training to minimize the number of motor vehicle fatalities.

“ARIDE is a advanced roadside impaired driving enforcement, it’s basically OUI enforcement for alcohol and or drugs,” said Holden Police Chief Chris Greeley.

The two-day training event is hosted by the Holden Police Department and the Maine State Police.

Chief Chris Greeley said the first day of training focused on sobriety testing procedures.

“People can be under the influence of prescription medication, overusing or mixing with something that causes an adverse effect, and now they’re driving a car. They could be under the influence of alcohol or under the influence of marijuana,” said Chief Greeley.

Tysen Ober is among a dozen officers who attended the training course.

Ober has been a police officer for six years and said the training will help bridge the gap between drug and alcohol recognition.

“We already talked about some things that I’m going to put in my tool bag for the road,” said Ober.

Ober said so far, he knows what to search for to determine if a driver might be under the influence.

“If they’re high on marijuana for instance, you might see larger pupils or there are certain tests that we do. You might see us road side flinging our finger in front of people’s eyes, but it will help us better detection for prosecution,” said Ober.

For the next and last phase of the training, local officers will be getting hands on experience to detect the signs and symptoms of folks driving impaired.