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  • Mexico ‘investigates’ Tequila brand founder over El Chapo links

Mexico ‘investigates’ Tequila brand founder over El Chapo links

Mexico ‘investigates’ Tequila brand founder over El Chapo links


Source: The Spirits Business

by Kristiane Sherry

20th January, 2016


Prosecutors in Mexico have formally asked Kate del Castillo, the actress who founded Tequila brand Honor Del Castillo, to testify over alleged financial links with the notorious drugs fugitive El Chapo, according to reports.


Allegations that she had exchanged text messages discussing a potential investment in the brand with recaptured drugs lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman emerged in the media last week.


The resulting investigation has two arms and will examine both the actress’s links to Guzman and her brand’s finances to conclude whether or not drugs money funded the Tequila brand, reports CNN.


Del Castillo, who has not been charged with any crime, denies the allegations and has stated on Twitter that the reports “aren’t truthful”.


The US Treasury prohibits US citizens and companies from doing business with drug suspects, while Mexican law equates financial transactions using illegally acquired funds to money laundering.


Tequila Honor Del Castillo LLC was registered in the state of Delaware in August 2015, with its main address is located in Miami, Florida, according to The Yucatan Times.


The move from Mexican prosecutors follows a bizarre series of events whereby an meeting between Guzman and US actor Sean Penn, reportedly set up by del Castillo, led to his recapture on 8 January.