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NM: Blind Drunk

NM: Blind Drunk
Alcohol is killing New Mexicans at a higher rate than anywhere else in the country — yet the state has largely neglected the growing crisis.

New Mexico in Depth
By Ted Alcorn
July 29, 2022

In this seven-part series, New Mexico In Depth investigates the state’s blind spots and shines a light on solutions.

Part 1 – An Emergency Hiding in Plain Sight – Drinking kills New Mexicans at a far higher rate than anywhere else in the nation, and the crisis is escalating.

Part 2 – Eyes on the Road – In New Mexico’s war on DWI, the relentless focus on drunk drivers misses the bigger problem of addiction.

Part 3 – A Missing Ingredient – As violence in New Mexico spikes, state leaders overlook alcohol’s integral role.

Part 4 – Poisonous Myths – Stereotypes about alcohol and Native people are hiding a crisis that’s bigger than any single group.

Part 5 – Every Door is the Right Door – Alcohol dependence is New Mexico’s biggest untreated substance use problem. Doctors can do more to treat it.

Part 6 – Paying the Tab – Scientists say policies can help the state cut excess drinking, but lawmakers listen to alcohol interests instead.

Part 7 – A Sober Appraisal – Reducing New Mexico’s extraordinary alcohol death rate will require a whole-of-society approach.