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NY: Anti-DUI group seeks to lower legal limit

NY: Anti-DUI group seeks to lower legal limit

By Tessa Bentulan
November 30, 2021

Driving impaired is still an issue, but a group that fights against drunk driving says too many DUI incidents go unnoticed.

Even with ride-sharing apps and other ways to avoid drunk driving, Remove Intoxicated Drivers said driving while impaired happens more often than not.

“It’s really very easy to prevent,” said Renee Barchitta, a member of RID.

Barchitta said about 38% of all fatalities in the state of New York on highways and roads are alcohol-related. Across the country, it accounts for 1/3 of all deaths on the roads.

“It changes the lives of people forever, including the people who unfortunately kill or injure someone,” she said.

RID President William Aiken said you don’t hear about most DUI’s.

“The arrests are happening. Unless it’s sensation unless it’s a factor involving a child or a death, it’s not widely reported on,” said Aiken.

However, there’s a bill currently making its way through New York legislation to curb impaired driving. It would lower the blood alcohol content level from .08% to .05%.

Aiken said the purpose is to separate drinking from driving, to keep you safe and alive.

“It doesn’t say you can’t drink. It just says for you to plan ahead, so you don’t have to put yourself in that situation.”

RID said lowering the legal level to .05 would mean most people can have one drink before reaching that threshold.