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Poll reveals French drinking habits in decline

Poll reveals French drinking habits in decline


Source: The Spirits Business

by Annie Hayes

14th August, 2015


French people are drinking “far less frequently”, with only 44% ordering an alcoholic beverage once per week, a recent poll has revealed.


The Ifop poll for Enterprise and Prevention found that only 12% of French people order an alcoholic drink every day – and the majority of these are men aged 60 and over.


Less than half order an alcoholic drink when out, and one in five do not drink at all.


The study also found that there has been a rise in premiumisation; when consumers do choose to order alcohol, they opt for quality over quantity.


French households were found to have purchased, on average, 73.2 litres of alcohol in 2014 – compared with 80.7 litres in 2007, but spending increased from ?314 to ?327 over the same period.


Alexis Capitant the head of Enterprise and Prevention, told The Local: “Over a few years the trend has been confirmed: The French are paying more attention to the health.


“They put emphasis on the quality over quantity and no longer drink everyday, whether its wine, spirits or beer and they do so more in an occasional way, whether it’s festive or convivial.”


In recent months, an amendment to “Evin’s law” – which restricts alcohol and tobacco advertising across France – was proposed.


The French health minister called the debate over the proposals “completely crazy” due to the “denial” surrounding alcohol abuse.