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Poll shows 60% of adults back Palcohol ban

Poll shows 60% of adults back Palcohol ban

Source: The Spirits Business

by Melita Kiely

16th June, 2015

A national poll has revealed 60% of US adults support a total ban on controversial powdered alcohol product Palcohol.

According to a new University of Michigan (UM) CS Mott Children’s Hospital National Poll on Children’s Health, 84% of American adults would also favour prohibiting online sales of Palcohol, while 85% agree marketing for powdered alcohol should not be permitted on social networking sites that would “make it easy to reach younger crowds”.

The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) approved the sale of Palcohol in the US in March this year.

The founder of Palcohol, Mark Phillips, has frequently defended his product particularly against “misinformed” decisions by US lawmakers to ban powdered alcohol in numerous states including Ohio, Colorado and New York.

“The product’s makers tout powdered alcohol as improving convenience for people who enjoy the outdoors and others who want to travel light with alcoholic beverages,” said Matthew M Davis, director of the National Poll on Children’s Health and professor of paediatrics and internal medicine in the Child Health Evaluation and Research Unit at the UM Medical School.

“Given that several states are considering legislation about powdered alcohol, our poll looked at what the public thinks about this new product.

“The majority of adults agree that powdered alcohol may spell trouble for young people.”

The poll also reveals 90% of adults are worried powdered alcohol will be misused by those under 21-years-old, 85% fear powdered alcohol will increase the use of alcohol for those under 21 and 81% are concerned it will be too easy for youngsters under 21 to buy powdered alcohol.

“In the US, parents, communities and healthcare providers already face serious challenges with underage alcohol abuse and its harmful effects on children’s health,” added Davis. “This poll indicates common concern among our communities over potential abuse and misuse of powdered alcohol as well as the product’s potential to exacerbate the problem of underage drinking.

“Concerns of the public are important to understand as lawmakers across the country consider legalisation to restrict or ban the use of powdered alcohol in their states.”