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Powdered alcohol found in two UK prisons

Powdered alcohol found in two UK prisons


Source: The Spirits Business

by Melita Kiely

2nd February, 2016


Powdered alcohol has been discovered in two UK prisons for the first time, according to national news reports.


As a result, prison guards throughout the UK have been warned to remain vigilant over inmates attempting to obtain powdered alcohol, reported The Sun.


Hm Prisons Inspectorate told the news site: “There have been two occasions recently where we have been to prisons where they have intercepted powdered alcohol.


“We know it is being developed.


“It is not a large-scale problem, but prisons need to become aware of it before it becomes a large-scale problem.”


The prisons in which powdered alcohol was found were not named, though the discoveries are thought to have taken place over the last few months.


Lord David Ramsbotham has urged an annual review to monitor alcohol and drugs in UK prisons.


He said: “This is a worrying development. No sooner do we block one route than people will try to find another.”