TABC to conduct ‘minor stings’ in college towns in hopes of cutting off booze sales to kids

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TABC to conduct ‘minor stings’ in college towns in hopes of cutting off booze sales to kids


The Dallas Morning News

By Robert Wilonsky

August 24, 2015

In news sure to sober up any under-age college student, the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission says it’s about to pour out a sting targeting retailers who sell to the under-21 set. The TABC says it’s a “back-to-school undercover operation” scheduled to begin early next month in “counties with major universities or colleges.”


The TABC’s calling these “minor stings.” Get it? And here’s how it’ll work:


“Under-21 volunteers — under the supervision of TABC agents — will attempt to purchase alcohol from retailers such as convenience stores or liquor stores,” says the TABC’s heads-up. “Establishments which sell to minors are placed on TABC’s priority list, which results in closer scrutiny by agents for up to a year. These licensed establishments will also be issued an administrative notice for violating the Alcoholic Beverage Code, which may result in a suspension or an administrative civil penalty depending on the circumstances surrounding the violation. The store employee who sells alcohol to a minor may also face legal repercussions.”


TABC says it’s done this just once before — during Spring Break of this year. The agency says it targeted 930 retailers, most along the highways heading to the Gulf Coast, and wound up issuing 92 violations.


“The sale of alcohol to minors is a tremendous public safety concern which can lead to tragic events such as drunken driving accidents or worse,” Robert Saenz, TABC’s chief of enforcement,. says in a prepared statement. “This is the perfect time for retailers to review their policies and educate their employees on the dangers of selling alcohol to minors. We urge all license holders to protect their customers and their business by ensuring their patrons are of legal age to buy alcohol.”