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The CPC lists drunk driving as new violation

The CPC lists drunk driving as new violation


Source: the drinks business

by Lucy Jenkins

19th November, 2015


In the wake of the austerity drive, the Communist Party of China has cracked down on drunk driving among its members.


For the first time, the Communist Party of China (CPC) has decreed drunk driving and speeding as violations as it tightens its rules for its 88 million members.


As reported by Xinhua news agency, any infractions will be classed as punishable offences, including the removal from Party posts, probation within the Party and expulsion from the Party.


Previous regulations which were launched before the anti-corruption drive, were classed as outdated, the CPC’s Central Committee stated which then lead to a review of the Party’s code of conduct violations in October.


Offences such as drunk driving, speeding and overloading are already illegal in China.


Under the new ruling, Party members who commit any motoring-related crime will be punished even if they aren’t prosecut