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  • The Most Popular Beers And Liquors For Each Team In the NFL (Excerpt)

The Most Popular Beers And Liquors For Each Team In the NFL (Excerpt)

The Most Popular Beers And Liquors For Each Team In the NFL (Excerpt)


Source: Forbes

Maury Brown

January 8, 2016


Beer and spirits. Those beloved beverages created all those many years ago.


The NFL. That sport created not nearly as long ago, but seems to be attached at the hip to consuming alcoholic beverages.


If you attend any one of the stadiums in the National Football League, certainly the two are available and often consumed by fans. Arguments may rage at the water cooler (or watering hole) over which sport may be best suited for consuming the frothy or sippy goodness, but no matter which side comes out with the better argument, they all can agree it’s a celebratory part of attending sports for many a fan (remember, out there. drink responsibly. Don’t be an amateur consumer of alcohol) .


With the NFL playoffs beginning this weekend, Nielsen and BARTRENDr took a look back at the 2015 regular season to pinpoint the most popular beer and spirits brands among each team TISI +%’s fan base. Knowing that each club has pouring rights deals, this isn’t a case of what is likely available in your local grocery store, but it’s a fun study, none the less.


According to the study, BARTRENDr used its online community, along with social insights that were captured at social scenes from around the country that included: bars of all types, tailgating locations, to friendly gatherings on someone’s couch or at home.


According to Nielsen, they now lead the industry with the most comprehensive beverage/alcohol offering across measurement and analytics with the ability to measure what consumers BUY, and what they SAY – inclusive of the critically important on premise channel which has been historically difficult to measure.  And while these social listening insights are not necessarily reflecting actual dollar sales, it uncovers interesting data around conversations about brands around the bar.