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TN: Airport considering new alcohol regulations

TN: Airport considering new alcohol regulations


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October 16, 2015

Get your to-go cups ready.


Memphis International Airport passengers may soon be able to walk the concourses with an adult beverage in hand.


Brian Kuhn, Memphis-Shelby County Airport Authority general counsel, has been tasked with exploring regulations to make Memphis International’s concourses an open-container area.


“As we consolidate and move people around, we want them to be free and open to enjoying the concessions we have,” said Scott Brockman, MSCAA president and CEO.


The airport currently serves beer and liquor at its restaurants, but passengers are not allowed to leave the restaurant with their drink.


“A passenger doesn’t feel like they can leave to go get something because they may not have enough time to eat or drink it,” Brockman said. “They will now be able to take it back to the concourse with them.”


Brockman said Nashville International Airport began allowing passengers to carry alcoholic beverages through its concourses in 2013 and hasn’t had any problems. If taken out of the restaurant, the beverages would need to be in plastic or paper cups.


Kuhn is working to secure permits with the Memphis Alcohol Commission and Shelby County Beer Board.