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TX: New law regulates beer runs in border cities

TX: New law regulates beer runs in border cities



By Yocelin Gallardo

September 1, 2015

LAREDO, TEXAS (KGNS) – Local governments in border cities in Texas now have the authority to place restrictions on the location of businesses that sell alcohol.


Texas House Bill 2035 allows regulation on, related businesses based on the amount of alcohol sold.


According to the new law local government can place new regulations on businesses in cities located within 50 miles of an international border.


And its gross revenue of 50 percent or more comes from onsite alcohol sales.


“In the past we’ve had complaints that certain restaurants were not restaurants but bars”, said Mayor Pete Saenz.


This law would allow these business to be regulated the same manner the location of bars and sexually oriented businesses area.


“It might imply that but it really has no connection with sexually oriented conduct in that restaurant. But it’s about the treatment of moving it away from residential areas”, said Saenz.


Previously the law allowed the government to only regulate businesses if 75 percent or more of their income came from alcohol sales.


The new law would allow government , to put reasonable restrictions on the location of alcohol-related businesses, who fit in the 50 percent or more revenue comes from alcohol sales.


“You know a way from churches and residential areas”, said Saenz.


Mayor Pete Saenz says the law allows the city to regulate as they think appropriate.


“As a city we want to control that as much as possible”, said Saenz.


Saenz says it’s not about restricting location but just deeming here it’s appropriate to have certain businesses.


This bill was sponsored by representative Richard Pena Raymond and senator Judith Zaffirini.