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Vending machine sells whole crates of beer

Vending machine sells whole crates of beer


Source: the drinks business

by Neal Baker

2nd December, 2015


While vending machines are now a staple sight everywhere from hospitals to schools and offices, we’re pretty sure you’ve never seen one like this before (unless you’re Belgian, of course).


Sweets, chocolates, crisps and fizzy drinks – these are what we normally associate with the mechanical vendor with which we have become so familiar.


But more recently, especially in bars in the trendier parts of town where “craft” beer is king, alcohol is being served – or at least stored – in vending machines. The novelty!


But this beer vending machine is more than just a twee bit of kit, taking the idea of convenient beer buying to a whole new level.


Beer-loving Belgians can get their hands on whole crates of beer at a time with these monster machines dotted around the country.


And drinkers don’t even need to worry about little things like the law, because all that these machines require is money (obviously) and ID to scan.


If underage drinkers fancied getting their hands on huge quantities of beer relatively easily, all they need to do is borrow an over-18’s ID and bingo, beer-fuelled revelry awaits.


We at db are investigating the possibility of getting one for the office.


Photo: http://www.thedrinksbusiness.com/2015/12/vending-machine-sells-whole-crates-of-beer/