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What Can Legally Be Added To Alcoholic Drinks?

What Can Legally Be Added To Alcoholic Drinks?

CBS Philly

September 16, 2015

Chinese authorities are investigating whether two liquor manufacturers added Viagra to their liquor. One wonders whether there was actually Viagra in the drinks or whether the men drinking it just felt more virile. But other than the alcohol, what can be added to that drink in your hand?


The Federal Alcohol Administration Act governs the manufacturing and labeling of alcoholic beverages, which fall into three general categories: Wine, distilled spirits, and malt beverages, and federal law governs all additives in the alcohol products you drink.


Common wine additives include sugar, citrus fruit, and carbon dioxide for the bubbly ones. Distilled spirits are manufactured with formulas that include harmless coloring, flavoring, and blending materials. Malt beverages, which may contain flavorings, color additivies, sulfur dioxiode, asparatame, and proteins derived from foods that can be allergens like eggs or nuts which are voluntarily-but not mandatorily-listed on the label.


If you have known allergies, are taking medications that may interact with the alcohol or the additives-or if you find yourself feeling friskier than normal, read the label and do some research to see what else is in that drink in your hand.