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Which European Country Consumes the Most Alcohol?

Which European Country Consumes the Most Alcohol?

According to a new WHO report, Europe contains the world’s heaviest drinkers.


US News

By Kimberly Leonard

September 22, 2015

People in the European Union consume more alcohol than in any other part of the world, drinking an average of 8.71 liters, or around 25 glasses of beer, per person a year, according to the latest European health report from the World Health Organization.


The agency called alcohol consumption a major public health problem, along with tobacco use and being overweight or obese. Heavy drinking can result in alcohol poisoning or car accidents, and over the long term can lead to cirrhosis or breast cancer. It also has been linked to increased violence, homicides and suicides.


The report reflects data collected in 2010 for ages 15 and up. Throughout Europe, the legal drinking age is 16 for wine and beer, and 18 for other types of alcohol. In Europe, 4 percent of people have alcohol dependence and 7.5 percent have alcohol use disorder – in both cases higher than any other region.