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World No Alcohol Day

World No Alcohol Day

EuroWeekly News
By Alex Glenn
November 15, 2021

World No Alcohol Day is promoted by the World Health Organisation (WHO). The day is celebrated on November 15. Many people across the world also celebrate no alcohol day on October 2.

Whichever date you opt for the days aim to encourage people to drink responsibly and raise awareness of the psychological and physical issues that can be caused by consuming alcohol. The days especially hope to encourage young people to be responsible with their drinking.

Around 3.3 million deaths occur each year due to alcoholism. Alcoholism has been declared a disease.

According to Esto Clinic, alcohol can affect the body in numerous ways.

This includes the: “Nervous system/brain: Alcohol interferes brain connections causing moodyness, confusion and incoordination of movements.

“Heart: Alcohol increases blood pressure and the risk of arrithmias and heart attack.

“Liver: Alcohol may cause cirrhosis and alcoholic hepatitis.

“Pancreas: Alcohol increases the risk of pancreas inflammation or pancreatitis.

“Immune system: The immune system is depressed in patients that have alcohol dependence and they are prone to infections like pneumonia or tuberculosis.

“Alcohol increases the risk for cancer, specially oral cancer, esphagous cancer, liver cancer or breast cancer.”

In Spain the health authorities are promoting world no alcohol day on November 15. The authorities aim to encourage people to lower their alcohol consumption and stay healthy.